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The Chicagoland Relocation Group embodies the personal touch today's cost-conscious corporations think they can no longer afford. Our hands-on approach personally addresses a spectrum of company and family-specific needs. Expert consultants- specialists in child and elder care, spouse/partner assistance and destination services- greet each relocation episode with individualized attention, netting increased employee productivity.

Established to integrate quality corporate relocation policy fulfillment with custom-built services, CRG provides a network of professional real estate / relocation specialists devoted to getting transferees settled in the neighborhood of their choice.

A joint venture of Access Network, a relocation management firm formed in 1983 by Chicagoan Micki Lipson, CRP, and 25 Chicagoland Realtors, CRG represents ten years of intense cooperation between relocation-savvy professionals.

The Chicagoland Relocation Group consists of top real estate professionals- each is a member of a 100% Club, selling at least $3 million annually; many hold the Employee Relocation Council's (E-R-C) Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designation.

Unlike conventional national networks, CRG is directed by an objective, independent relocation expert, using custom programs for corporate clients and transferees.

For trusted transactions, access Chicagoland Relocation Group. Dynamic results with a personal touch.


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